Don't worry it's not the apocalypse, yet. Yesterday Jackpot Joy got the twittersphere all aflutter with sightings of their 50ft yellow bath duck floating down the Thames. Such cultural luminaries as David Baddiel, the BFI and (suspected vested interest group) GoDucks added their insightful comments to the record of the momentous event. Sadly this was slightly lost in the normal banal cross-chatterings of the twits as the great minds of the day retweeted the glib jibe 'I have never actually seen a yellow duck' (OMFG!!?!? Like Literally Totes Amazeballs).

This not-so-seasonal PR stunt is apparently part of concerted campaign to bring FUN (not an acronym) and frivolity back into our lives and waterways. One suspects that Jackpot Joy are feathering their nest for the bleak post-Christmas period as most people are quite excited and happy in mid-December. However despite this cynic's natural inclinations this stunt is a breath of absurdist humour that does a lot to brighten a drab December day.

In Context
On a more serious note, as fatuous as the stunt is it does indicate a progress in the branding and promotion of online gaming. In a landscape of naff computer graphics and sellout sportsmen, Jack Daniel's knockoffs and grotesque sexualised zoomorphic cartoon characters a bit of nonsense is a breath of fresh air. Their wider campaign based around some capitalisation of FUN may not be quite so successful but at least it's not Babs' baps.

What's the deal?
Jackpot Joy want you to suggest other 'zaney' ideas and post them on their Facebook page. These aren't just ideas, there's a chance they will become reality so if you want a bouncy castle at the Embassy or the moon on a stick here's your opportunity to make it happen. There's also a £50 cash prize every week for the 10 best ideas. If you're not a member yet you can swing by our Jackpot Joy review and grab yourself a £20 welcome bonus.