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Attack of the 50ft bath duck

Don't worry it's not the apocalypse, yet. Yesterday Jackpot Joy got the twittersphere all aflutter with sightings of their 50ft yellow bath duck floating down the Thames.

Balding Aussies and turning worms

This poor sod was on a pretty serious loosing streak. He'd been crushed in an accident at work and then developed heart disease. If that wasn't bad enough he then had an allergic reaction to the medication and had a heart attack in which his heart stopped for 14 minutes! After all that excitement he promptly fell into a coma for 12 days.

Advanced Craps and a field of sheep

For the next instalment in our series of weird gambling guides comes in the form of this 40 minute gem. Aside from the charming 90's aesthetics (oversized leather jackets and VHS) there's a brief history of Craps which is genuinely informative. Who knew it's called Craps because americans couldn't pronounce crabs?

After the introduction the guide moves onto the business of teaching us how to play Craps. Sadly it takes the rather staid format of middle-aged-man-in-suit woodenly fielding questions from a glamourous blonde in a revealing dress. So not all bad.

A Beginners guide to Baccarat and awesome suits

The myriad of card games and their almost infinite variations can be more than a little off-putting to the newcomer. To help you start out in the world of casino games, OnlineCasinoDeals.co.uk has scoured the internet (well youtube) to bring you the best and weirdest guides and tutorials to casino gaming.